Ship Building

A member of the Association of Singapore Marine Industries, President Marine is one of the biggest privately-owned shipyards. The yard handles several aspects of the marine business, but the bulk of its revenue comes from ship building.

Since 1980, the company was built over 140 vessels ranging from barges, tug boats, multi-purpose supply vessels, ro-ro vessels, bunkering vessels to passenger / car ferries, area launches, and clean product tankers.

Over the years, President Marine has achieved several remarkable feats. In 1988, the 1,400 dwt “Raja Basa I” was the year’s biggest passenger / vehicle ferry built in the Republic. No mean feat, the vessel was designed and constructed to accommodate about 900 passengers plus 100 lorry trucks.

President Marine scored yet another success with the construction of the “Asean Princess”. Completed at the end of 1991, this 10,000 dwt clean product tanker was the largest vessel built and launched in Singapore by a private shipyard, an achievement that was not surpassed up to 1992.

In 1992, President Marine launched a new series of 45-metre multi-purpose supply vessels for Indonesian clients. With a cpacity for 480 dwt, “Petrogas Supply 1,2 and 3” can accommodate up to 20 crew members each. Their compact design adds to their versatility, allowing them to serve complex requirements in offshore environment with ease.

In the last few years, President Marine has built ten tankers, thus achieving the most number of tankers during this period.