History & Milestones

Every pioneer has a successful story to tell, especially one with a history as inspiring as President Marine’s.

Incorporated in 1977, the company’s humble origins began as an equipment-hiring agency. However, with subsequent success in a series of joint-ventures with various maritime agencies, President Marine joined the league of shipbuilders and never looked back since.

The meteoric rise was the result of hard work and stringent quallity control. Between 1980 and 1992, the company built over 140 vessels of various classes and acted as commissioning agents for the selling and hiring of equipment.

Even the shipping depression of 1985 could not deter President Marine from continued growth. While other companies came to a standstill, President Marine expanded further to encompass tanker construction, large-scale ship conversions and supply vessels for various projects. Presently, workshop and yard facilities have been upgraded to maintain the company’s high standard of competency and professionalism.

With unparalleled singlemindedness to be the best in the industry, President Marine in 1988 embarked on an aggressive expansion programme internationally to elevate its status to a premier shipbuilder. President Marine’s move also called for a major reorganization in the infrastructure and sharpening of its global and regional marketing strategies. This catapulted the company even greater heights.

The company has been able to win over clients with its value-added services for the offshore and marine industries especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides Singapore, President Marine now serves clients from countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, the Middle East, Europe and Latin America. The company’s current objective is to add even more clients to its rapidly growing list in the coming decade.

The construction of the “Asean Princess” in the 1922 added yet another feather in President Marine’s cap. Up to 1992, the 10,000 dwt product tanker is the largest vessel built and launched by a private shipyard in Singapore.

Today, this growing giant has risen to the occasion and taken on more challenging projects such as agency and husbanding services, marine cable laying and offshore oil platform construction projects. As a result, the company came up tops for building the most tankers in Singapore between 1988 and 1992. President Marine will continue to thrive as it proceeds into the 21st century. The company’s technological edge and driving ambition will see to the successful launch of more sophisticated vessels, while faithfully constructing smaller vessels like tug-boats and barges.