President Marine has made its mark as one of the premier shipyards in Singapore, with its range of activities encompassing ship and tanker construction, ship and oil rig repairs, vessel conversions as well as offshore support services.

Incorporated in 1977, our company is a successful member of the Association of Singapore Marine Industries. Our 20-year history has been one of significant growth and expansion, both in terms of our management and operations as well our impressive track record.

Beginning as an equipment hiring agency, President Marine soon joined the ranks of major shipbuilders and ship repairers. With our corporate vision, we were able to capitalize on our strategic location in the Asia Pacific and embarked on major phases of equipment upgrading and expansion of our yard facilities.

This has steered us through many milestones in shipbuilding and tanker construction. As of today, our company has built more than 245 vessels, including 14 tankers. We hold the record of building the highest number of tankers in Singapore between 1989 and 1999. Alongside with shipbuilding, we have completed a significant number of large-scale ship repair & conversion projects.


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